Seattle Bike Crash Map

I’ve put far too much time into this project, but I’ve finally put a bow on it. Some background…

I started bike commuting in May and was fairly shocked that there wasn’t a lot of information (that I could find, at least) about commonalities in bicycle crashes. As a new daily rider I wanted to know where there’s a higher likelihood for an accident, and what the typical characteristics are. I finally came across and cold-called them to see if they’d be willing to share their data. Phil graciously sent along a spreadsheet with tons of records and metadata about the crashes. I also reached out to Cascade Bike Club and SDOT but to no avail – I was especially interested in SDOT after seeing an interactive map on ST showing crash data from 2007-11.

In any case, with the bikewise data I set out to create a stylish infographic that might help others realize that accidents most frequently occur in the most benign conditions – a conclusion I did not foresee reaching. Especially after the tragic death of Sher Kung just 2 months ago, I felt compelled to try my hand at a cartograph/infographic that may help other riders be safe.

The product is 24×36″ so it looks a little wonky in the thumbnail, but check out the full-size version. Hold CTL and use the scroll wheel to incrementally zoom in.



One thought on “Seattle Bike Crash Map

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